Elizabeth May is running in London North-Centre and needs your help, wherever you reside, to become Canada's first Green MP. Let Jim Harris and the gang tell you how to help out:

Who I'm voting for in K-W (or would)...

Brenda Holloran - has made quite an impression on me, quickly.
Passionate about the Moraine, stong for protection, and strong on student issues and community-building.
Let's get her in. Find her group on facebook or: http://brendaformayor.com

Pauline Richards - Ward 3 Waterloo - A wonderful former Green Party candidate who knows the city well and has long been a champion for sustainability. Check her website, and blog about the candidates meeting at UW:
Pauline plans to be out on the street with supporters Tuesday and Wednesday 5-6pm, so email her to help out.

Jason Hammond - Regional Council, Kitchener - Another strong candidate, with a youth voice. Have worked with him on many projects. Will be our voice for stronger reigonal transit and a better environment (and knows his stuff). Blog at: http://jasonhammond.blogspot.com

Sher DiCiccio - Ward 7 Waterloo - A great vision for arts and community, and supportive of actions to stop Moraine development.

Raj Gill - Ward 5 Kitchener - Has done so much for the campus and community.
I know Raj will be great on Council and work to support the social fabric of the City and improve all aspects of the environment.

Jane Mitchell - Regional Council, Waterloo - Saw her speak on behalf of a strong by-law against pesticides. She brough it to the table last winter, and articulately made the case, without support from enough councillors. Please re-elect.

Waterlooians.ca keeps an ongoing blog and has great history of issues around the Moraine:
David Wellhauser needs help the next few evenings to get people to vote for the environment.
See: http://uwenet.blogspot.com

Please vote.
Candidates' websites will tell you how.

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