Historic day for Canada's environmental movement

A significant shift has happened.
Logging has been one of the biggest targets of Canada's environmental movement throughout the past decades. The environmental movement (Greenpeace, CPAWS, Forest Ethics) has won a huge victory today, with such successes as getting the major forestry industries to preserve a giant tract of Boreal Forest and to meet FSC standards across the board.
That level of change could not have happened within the industry itself. In the Canadian political climate, it also would not have happened through government. Here is an example of what change advocacy organization can bring - and when everyone stops to think about it, how environmentalists and corporations can do better for the economy and workers when they decide on a sustainable path together.

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Loggers, green groups reach truce

Canada’s long-time adversaries poised to announce peace pact, switch to partnership model

Martin Mittelstaedt
From Tuesday's Globe and Mail
Published on Monday, May. 17, 2010 1:50PM EDT
Last updated on Tuesday, May. 18, 2010 10:54AM EDT
Canada’s long-running war in the woods, which has spanned decades and involved bitter skirmishes in just about every area of the country, may be over for good.

Forest companies and environmentalists are poised to announce a historic truce Tuesday. The deal will not only stop the fighting, but will require the two sides to eventually do something once thought improbable: Tree huggers and tree cutters are to switch from being sworn enemies to something resembling partners.

Under the pact, environmental groups will suspend boycott campaigns directed against Canadian forest products companies, a major irritant to the industry. Meanwhile, forest companies will not undertake any environmentally unfriendly actions, such as logging in ecologically sensitive boreal forests inhabited by endangered caribou.

If the industry attains specified conservation performance goals, environmental groups will go beyond the truce and publicly help brand the Canadian industry’s products as green. This will give the industry a marketing advantage against companies from countries that turn a blind eye to illegal harvesting and other harmful forestry practices.

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they just won't understand these things

Wow, Second Cup (Canadian-owned) was playing a favourite Xavier Rudd song.. an awesome Aussie who plays much in Canada.

Called "Messages", I like this song when I'm feeling things aren't going well.


So now come sit down
Will you talk with me now
And let me see through your eyes
Where there is so much light
We are biding our time
For these myths to unwind
For these changes we will confront

So please be aware with every
Place that you herald
And look to your soul
For these things that you know
For the trees that we see
Cannot forever breathe
With the changes they will confront

You know some people they just won't understand
No, they just won't understand
These things
Thank you for your message but I don't understand
No they just won't understand
These things

And this sacred land
It has seen many hands
It has wealth and gold
Now it is fragile and old
And now the greedy souls just don't care to know
Of the changes it will confront

So speak out loud
Of the things you are proud
And if you love this coast
Then keep it clean as it evolves
Because the way that it shines
May just dwindle with time
With the changes it will confront

So hold nice and close
Once you get to your soul
So that when it is cold
You won't feel so alone
'Cause the roads that you take
May just crack and break
With the changes you will confront

With each gift that you share
You may heal and repair
With each choice you make
You may help someone's day
Well I know you are strong
May your journey be long
And now I wish you the best of luck
Well I know you are strong
May your journey be long
And now I wish you the best of luck.