"well well well Mr. Howard"
- Xavier Rudd

Thanks for new PM Kevin Rudd, Australia is back on the map.

I wonder if American delegates - if the bureaucrats at these meetings realize that their countries marching orders will no longer be coming from Mr. Bush, could be in some position to show some forsight and push for serious international agreements?


I saw a show last night at the Registry Theatre in Kitchener.

My second time there in not long, after seeing the excellent and moving Exit Strategy recently.

The Anorak which played last night was written and acted completely by Adam Kelly from Montreal, who put on a Quebecois accent and had a memorized script for about an hour and a half.
I don't know how he did it. It was an incredible performance of who he thought Mark Lepine might have been, the killer of the Montreal massacre, telling his life story.

He reminds us that these shootings keep happening and there are similar characteristics to the murderers, so it would be foolish to label these people only as monsters and try to forget.
What I took out of the play is something to do with open mindedness, but I haven't quite figured it out yet.

He included a line about the University of Waterloo's excellent engineering program - spoke to him after briefly and he had noticed my UW sweater.
I forget to tell him that I had got the sweater at the 25th anniversary of our Women's Centre, a women's sweater that I was wearing.. somewhat coincidental.

Thankss to Adam for telling us this story.