My parents talked to Jack Layton about the environment and me and Elizabeth May on Sunday. now this:

Also, an interesting little piece of history ending today if you know much about South Africa:
Students at this campus never cease to surprise me.
Whether's it's their efforts, their contrasting viewpoints and beliefs, their ability to or resistance to collaborate. There are so many people with different views, and many tend to stay within their certain groups - instead of open debate on issues and strategies, you often get people complaining to their friends about views and practices that differ from their own, that people think are stupid, or the person is "stupid". At some point we'll further learn to respect others' views and attack the person less. That's the way things will get done.
(I'm not referring to one specific incident.)
We need stronger community - diversity means a higher level of integration. Without losing cultures and opinions, we can reach out to each other to share our beliefs - and this must be done without fear of being discounted. This means stepping into a service or a club or newspaper, or student association or society you don't agree with or don't know what they do.
Make sure to get to know the organization and help out; you can complain later (though you probably won't have any time after you get involved and get change moving).

A UW Environment Network meeting I'm about to attend will highlight just how that can work.

After a heated and very personal class debate on private health care, it's still good to see a variety of well-thought out views, even if some of us have very different key values.
It shows that there is strong diversity within the university community - even though we're all about the same age.

In between meetings with admin at UW, I see we've got lots of great movers at this place.

We've got to get out there and hear each other out and make things happen!

"Communication is to sustainability as localtion is to real estate."