The beavers story has perhaps had more media attention than any other I've yet been involved in.
But it has a good ending.
UW announced a task force do deal with wildlife issues more effectively in the future.

But we turn to the by-election in London North-Centre and Elizabeth May.
There are rides going from Sarnia, K-W and other areas to have a final push for the weekend.
Poll rumours have the Greens and Liberals running neck-and-neck there.
I'm told they've got great momentum in London - London Free Press letters, signs, volunteers...
Help with a final push and donate a day or two to a "Maycation" in London, plus call all your friends there to get out Monday's vote!

On a sadder note, Iraq's current fighting is making me sick.
it makes the situation feel helpless. I hope it's not.

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