Jason Kenney, settlement cuts and the ethnic vote

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has been found to have been writing and fundraising for the Conservatives' federal election with office ministerial office resources and letterhead. Kenney's campaign was to strengthen the vote of what he called ethnic Canadians. According to their fundraising campaign:

"There are lots of ethnic voters," the media plan says. "There will be quite a few more soon. They live where we need to win."

I recently wrote about Kenney's treatment about immigrants, questioning his policies when he is likewise courting votes from various ethnic communities. Perhaps a better strategy than using taxpayer resources to campaign, would be to actually implement policies that supported new Canadians.

Below is an article I recently wrote on this topic for the Canadian Multicultural Journal (click "Multicultural Journal" in the drop down menu), and a way to get involved.

Here's an easy way to get involved and get a motion passed in the House that would make a change - template letter to an MP provided:

Dear Friends,

As you may be aware, MP Olivia Chow recently presented a motion to the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration to reverse the $53 million in funding cuts to immigrant and refugee serving agencies across Canada, $44 million of which is being cut in Ontario. That motion was passed.

Today, the motion to reverse the $53 million in cuts is being debated in Parliament and will be voted on in the next few days. The importance of this motion is evident to all of us, and it is up to us to pressure our MPs to adopt this motion.

What you can do:
1) Forward this email through your contacts
2) Use this website to identify your MP and find their email address:
3) Use the form e-mail below to email your MP.
4) Encourage your clients, friends and family to email their MP.

Thanks you for your support.
Form email:

Dear ----,
The successful integration and inclusion of immigrants and refugees is vital to a strong and cohesive Canada. The recent $53 million cut to immigrant and refugee serving agencies across Canada, and in particular the almost $44 million being cut in Ontario, threatens to undermine the important work that these agencies do. I am particularly concerned that these cuts were implemented without consulting and working with the immigrant and refugee serving sector.
I strongly urge you to vote in favour of the motion put forward by Olivia Chow and adopted by the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration to reverse the cuts. Settlement and Integration programs and services are critical now more than ever to facilitate the successful integration of newcomers. Supporting this motion will ensure that the important work undertaken on behalf of Newcomers will continue without disruption and will reinforce our collective Canadian value of fairness.


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