Three federal by-election have popped up that are very important to send a message to the government about the things we believe in and need at this time in Canada.

They are critical, and one in Guelph, is an opportunity to change Canada's political landscape. Mike Nagy is running to win and the Greens have been close to doing it in Guelph before.
Join me and tons of other young people in getting out the Green vote in Guelph. Send me a note and we'll make it happen.
Here's another invitation:

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Nic Morgan said...

First Green MP? Seriously? I can't believe there hasn't been one! Wow. You just switched me to the Green Party - just like that. I assumed that Greens OCCASIONALLY won a few candidates. To be a viable voice (to get the bigger parties to steal your good ideas for example) you need to have some victories.

Strange moment to convert from NDP, but colour me Green I guess.