"We also know that natural gas reserves in Alberta are declining and roughly 90% of Alberta homes are heated with natural gas. We need to consider becoming a center for excellence in the area of geothermal heat. If you drill down into the Earth, the heat from the Earth's core can be pumped up to heat your home or cool it in the summer. These systems are already commercially available and a heat pump can replace a natural gas furnace and will reduce energy consumption and home heating costs. If there is one thing Albertan know how to do, it is drilling holes in the ground."
- George Read, Leader of the Green Party of Alberta
currently fighting an election

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Anonymous said...

Technology won't save us in the face of population growth.

Many small footprints makes the floor just as dirty as a few big ones.

There is no point in halfing each person's consumption if we double the population.

If more efficient technologies just allow us to cram more people on the planet, then environmental impact still increases.

Forget about geothermal heating, hydrogen fuel cell cars, etc. What we need is to reduce the human population to a sustainable level.


Brishen Hoff
President of Biodiversity First

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