I know I may be criticized or critiques with this quote - feel free to. But look at this and think about how it may affect your own life... what are you driving towards?
It was written by educator David Orr back in 1995:
"The plain fact is that the planet does not need more successful people. But it does desperately need more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of every kind. It needs people of moral courage willing to join the fight to make the world habitable and humane. And these qualities have little to do with success as our culture has defined it."

It really centres things back away from ourselves, and onto "all that really matters most", as Raffi said in his song about the genuine progress indicator.

Is it to fluffy for you. What really matters in your world? comment here.


Alex said...

Yeah, success is such a bad thing. I mean, after all, who needs successful computer engineers to let us have this discussion here, or successful medical researchers to make sure we don't die of random nasty diseases, or successful genetic engineers to let us feed the planet? What have they ever done for us?

I have nothing against peacemakers, storytellers, lovers, or any of the other ones. But I do have something against people who think that's all we need.

Justin said...

Actually, the planet doesn't need genetic engineers to feed people. In fact, the planet needs more courageous individuals willing to oppose hegemons and immoral / unjust distribution of resources if we are to feed the planet.

As for your other points, I think you misunderstood the point of the quote.